West Suburban Dance Club

  Upcoming dances:

 October 14, 2017  Edgewood Valley CC

 December 9, 2017         Naperville CC

 February 3, 2018           Naperville CC

 April 14, 2018       Edgewood Valley CC

 May 19, 2018                   Naperville CC

We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Naperville Country Club
25W570 Chicago Ave.
Naperville, IL   60540
The West Suburban Dance Club invites couples who like to enjoy social evenings of dinner and dancing to join in its dinner dances. The Club's members have one common interest - they love to dance. Dance Standards and swing tunes are complemented by Latin, waltz, polka and line dances as requested. Enjoyable music, relaxing with good food and friends adds up to fun evenings the Club's members like to shares with each other and guests. The Club holds a minimum of five dances per year.


  It's Time to Dance!

A year's membership is only $100 which pays for all dance band and club costs. Each dinner/dance is $90/couple which covers the food/venue costs. Events are currently held at Naperville Country Club and Edgewood Valley Country Club in LaGrange.